Our Story

One New Years Eve during an enthusiastic family discussion the company 2LHGenr8 was formed. The initials of the two co-founders forming the 2LH name. Since that day, what was once ideas on paper have now generated three brands and turned them into reality.
At 2LHGenr8 we aim to make designs that are relatable and can be enjoyed by everyone.
We hope you will follow our journey and don't be afraid to share your thoughts. We welcome feedback and pics of your purchase via our social media accounts.
It's what helps us provide a better service and experience for you.

Girl on a Shirt
A phrase often used to define an image of a half naked woman on the front of a T-Shirt.
We at 2LHGenr8 wanted to reinvent this image by using a girl enacting empowering messages in a humorous way and inspire new generations to redefine the meaning behind the phrase.
Our Girl certainly does that and then some.

Bill Shaky
William Shakespeare is considered one of the greatest dramatists of all time. A renowned playwright, poet and actor his work is well known throughout the world and has been the inspiration for many throughout the ages.
Bill Shaky is a modern take on 'The Bard'.
We use some of his famous quotations in a fun way on a variety of products.
Oh, and we don’t shy away from political satire. After all “Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown".

We are where we are
An often quoted phrase to cover over the fact that sometimes we find ourselves in a bit of a mess, either of our own or somebody else’s making. Using stick people to reflect these different situations in a fun way our designs should make you chuckle!
After all the term “Been there. Done that. Bought the T-Shirt” can now come true. Don't worry though! We also design mugs, phone cases, bags and laptops cases!
Most of all just remember when you find yourself in one of these situations just think “we are where we are”.